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- The MBSL Showroom

It appears that gone are the days of customer service and its all about shifting a cardboard box rather than gaining a customer for life. After being lead by a commission based salesman or a cheap price from a foreign country’s website, too many people are finding themselves buying equipment totally unsuitable for the job or just simply unreliable.

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Here at MBSL we thrive on looking after a customer. We take time to discuss a customers requirements, work with the equipment they have, ensure they understand why they are buying something and more importantly how to use it and keep it working for years to come.

We offer a wide range of products and services and have set up a computerised demonstration showroom where you can see them in action.


The showroom is open 7 days a week  run on an appointment only basis. This is to ensure we have time to spend with you and if you require anything specialised that we can be sure we have it available. We are aware that most Artists and Dj’s have a day job so we are happy to offer appointments to you from 8AM through to 8PM.

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The Showroom is controlled via a laptop using DMX, here we can unlock the complexities of DMX control and show you just what can be achieved and how easy it is. We have plenty of space for you to setup your PA and Lighting Equipment. Along with a well equiped service area to help 'fault find' any problems you are having.


Click the link below to book an appointment.

The MBSL Showroom makes the perfect training enviroment. Airconditioned with comfortable sofas and tea & coffee on tap, customers are invited to bring and setup thier equipment to enable us to train and advise them on it's correct use. Often a few points in the right direction can solve a multitude of problems.


MBSL Showroom

MBSL Showroom

MBSL Showroom

MBSL Showroom

MBSL Showroom