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- Service & Repair


MBSL will always offer an on site repair service where possible. Engineers carry a comprehensive tool kit along with popular spares to try to achieve this.


If an on site repair is not possible then the unit will be taken to base where a repair can be taken down to component level on the service bench.

Quotations are always given before work is undertaken.

A service plays a valuable part in keeping a venue running. Without a service sound and light equipment can break down.


All equipment requires ventilation and most units have fans, if the airways become blocked units can over heat and fail. Amplifers will cut out during the night, lights can fail and lamp life can be reduced if run too hot. Here are some examples......

Some intelligent light fixtures have expensive lamps in them that need to be changed when the life hours are up. The lamp will not only appear dull, but in some cases the lamp can

Service 003 Unit Before Cleaning Service 004 Cleaned Unit

Unit Blocked With Dust & Feathers

Unit After Service With Airways Clear

Service 001 Worn Out Lamp Service 002 Good Lamp

Swollen Worn Out Lamp

can explode causing more damage. It's important the lamps are checked during every service.

It's important that leads are checked as often a faulty lead can leave you in silence! Mixer controls if not kept clean can become crackly and intermittant.


Our engineers have all the tools and skills to keep you running. From High power air compressors to sensitve laser lens cleaning fluid.


Artist, DJ or Venue Owner you know you need this!

So make an appointment today to get your

equipment earning and not

costing you money!

Brand New Clear Lamp

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